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      Novelist | Songwriter | Musician 

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    Ernest Hemingway said, "In order to write about life first you must live it.”

    I've forged through a succession of diverse careers  including paramedic, firefighter,  forensic investigator, and chiropractic physician. I spent 25 years in law enforcement with assignments to specialized units including, homicide, narcotics, and counter-terrorism. I’ve been a member of a federal disaster response team for a decade and a half, and have been deployed to most of the national disasters since 911 including Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Maria, and Michael. Seen a lot of things better left unseen. 


    I've drawn from these experiences and crafted visceral songs crossing musical genres from Punk Rock to Country. Songwriting has certainly helped me through some rough patches.  I have been recording in Nashville putting together a catalog of songs. If you are in the St. Louis area, I am occasionally playing at open mics, coffee houses or bars. My songs can be heard on most of the social media sites. Just click on a link below. 


    I have two books in print. "The Tapping" is a cold-case, grisly, murder mystery that mixes the gripping, white-knuckle forensics of a Patricia Cornwell story with the supernatural bend of a Stephen King thriller. I culled experiences from some of the homicide and cold case investigations I worked to assure a gritty realism.


    "The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience-A Story of Aspergers and Aliens" takes the reader on a ride where alternate realities, biological terrorism and the fate of our planet's very existence is left to a group of unlikely characters.  I am working on my third book which includes rock and roll heroes taking on a secret government conspiracy. Check out my novels at the Novels tab. They are available in print or digital versions. 


    I hope you will spend some time enjoying my works. Thanks.

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