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I'm a singer and songwriter of country, rock-a-billy, and rock songs.  I draw from the well of experience as a paramedic, a detective forensic investigator, disaster first responder, and Chiropractor.  And all the while, I've written songs and played in a number of bands over the years including punk, rock and country genres.  Musically, you'll hear influences from Tom Petty, Stones, Lou Reed, Charlie, Chuck, Hank and Waylon. Listen to these stories of broken bodies, broken hearts, love, lust, and pick-up trucks. You might find a little bit of you somewhere in here too. I've been recording in Nashville and some local Missouri studios. My songs can be heard on most of the social media sites. Just click on the links on this page or listen to a few songs on the 'MUSIC' tab. I perform at various venues around Missouri, either solo, with other musicians from around the state. Check my (Events/Gig) tab for dates and locations.


I have three books in print, available where books are sold. My most recent release is "Unseen Forces-Phone Rings, Text Dings, Band Sings...You Die! Look around, everyone  is always on their phone, tablet, or PC. We are enveloped in a web of invisible sound and radio waves. I asked myself; what if someone could turn those signals into a weapon of mind control or death? And what would the government do to obtain it? I mix in a cast of characters including rock musicians, unhinged scientists and treacherous government agents. Unfortunately, the story line has become increasingly more like fact than fiction.

"The Tapping-Death, All Things Before and After" is a cold-case, grisly, murder mystery that mixes the gripping, white-knuckle forensics of a Patricia Cornwell story with the supernatural bend of a Stephen King thriller. I culled experiences from some of the homicide and cold case investigations I worked to assure a gritty realism.

"The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience-A Story of Aspergers and Aliens" takes the reader on a ride where alternate realities, biological terrorism, and the fate of our planet's very existence is left to a group of unlikely characters.  Check out my novels at the Novels tab. They are available in print or digital versions. Thanks.


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